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"Trestle" by Anne
"Trestle" by Anne
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Welcome to coolstop
(Established 10/14/97)

For over 12 years, coolstop's mission had been to provide fresh pointers, primarily to the more non-commercial, creative side of the web. Daily Picks and Site Reviews were featured throughout coolstop's first 10 years and active site listings from that period are included in the archives. With an eye out for original creative content and personal expression and sometimes, useful resources, meaningful initiatives, or amusing diversions, coolstop continued to recognize great sites in the spirit of its original mission in the form of NewFoundCool, from October, 2007 through the middle of August, 2010. Explore and enjoy the coolstop archives...

Some random favorites...

Street HeroesStreet Heroes
photography by Alessandro Antonelli (Flash)

[via Uailab]

Snjezana JosipovicSnjezana Josipovic
fine art photography from Croatia (Flash)

...and another from coolstop's first 10 years: 9/30/05 
Description: 4 designers present each step of several collaborative projects in progress (Flash)

Comments: "At each stage of the project – from conseptualisation, to construction, to revitalisation, to project launch, the development in progress can be inspected by all." I really like the interface, though you'll probably have to explore a little to see how it all works. I guess you could say there's a bit of chemistry between the 4 designers behind the assortment of collaborative Flash works. Separately view each stage as designers add their individual input to a project, or a composite view of all steps completed so far – cool Flash and visuals, "and dedicated to you all..." 

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