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"stopnothing" by Gericht
"stopnothing" by Gericht
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Sunday, December 26, 2004
Today's Pick 
"This project aims to show how by combining different types of information in a communication channel, which is in a physical environment, we can enrich the audience's experience, enhancing their understanding and awareness." David completed the project just a few months ago as his final project related to earning his MA in Creative Technology, "based on the aesthetics" of various movements in contemporary art history. In each of its 8 sections, David examines the particular art movement, providing background information and rich multimedia content. In Futurism, for example, he talks about its manifesto and shares a collection of exemplary photos against an ambient soundtrack based on actual recorded sounds of a metal assembly line. He comes to the conclusion that "there is not an inner beauty in the noise and functioning of potentially dangerous machines." Nice use of Flash and fascinating content throughout...  [Yay Hooray!] (RSS

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