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"Afternoon Shadows" by Lewis Moten
"Afternoon Shadows" by Lewis Moten
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Friday, February 18, 2005
Today's Pick 
"The aim is to be sure that you have found and fixed bleeding points as soon as possible, and to [be sure] that blood level is [higher] than 25% in five minutes as well." This cool Flash game puts the patient in your hands, as you become Dr. Casualty and travel through their bloodstream to save them. I'm afraid that in my role as the good doctor so far, more than a few patients have bitten the dust if you know what I'm saying. Maybe with a little more practice, I'll get better at catching those Bleeders as they come flying by to avoid new bleeding points from forming. And I've got to improve applying the Remedy in time. Hopefully, your patients will have a brighter future – have fun...;~))  [DOPE] (RSS)

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