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"Almost like Picasso" by Jonn Leffmann
"Almost like Picasso" by Jonn Leffmann
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Sunday, April 3, 2005
Today's Pick 
Actor. Humanitarian. Heartthrob. Ultimate Dad. Now, the site comes from a concern (PPC) you could hardly call independent or non-commercial. In fact, after choking on its Terms Of Use, I decided to take a pass on including a screenshot with today's review (not that it wouldn't be fair use, mind you). So, today's pick isn't exactly the type of site typically found in coolstop's listings, but in the interest of providing a little special entertainment for you loyal souls who actually stop by even on Sunday (I love you guys), I just couldn't resist – it's an amusing website. Where else are you gonna find "the most incredibly brilliant blog in the world?" You'll also find some downloadable gifts – icons and wallpapers – but do be careful how you use 'em...;~)) (RSS)

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