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"Cafe at Coimbra" by Javi Valdés
"Cafe at Coimbra" by Javi Valdés
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Monday, April 25, 2005
Today's Pick 
There's some tasty downloadable gifts, but you'll have to collect pieces of the logo found in other sections of the site to get to the goodies. If you start in the cinematics section, be careful 'cause you might forget all about the gifts within a few minutes as your mind becomes immersed in one of its six works. So maybe you wanna start in the 3D gallery instead, but after you find and collect the piece, you will also have found that the works span over a 5-year period and before you know it, you're all engaged again – so when you eventually surface again, don't forget you still have 2 other sections to cover if you wanna get into that gifts area. I know – it's starting to sound like a lot of work, but the road to the goodies is tasty all the way and well worth exploring – enjoy...;~))  (RSS)

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