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"Trestle" by Anne
"Trestle" by Anne
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Friday, August 19, 2005
Today's Pick 
"My camera rarely leaves my side, and when I'm not bothering my friends with the lens in their face, I'm shooting random macros of shiny objects I find interesting." There's three things I really like about Ethan's photoblog (besides all the interesting pics, that is). First, you can choose to view smaller, lower-bandwidth versions of all photos and your preference is stored in a session cookie – nice touch for users with slower connections. You also have a choice between light and dark page backgrounds. Finally, and I really like this – Ethan makes most of the photos available in desktop size. I should mention that the site's not only a photoblog – Ethan calls it a personal website and there's usually more content accompanying his Photo of the Day. Other things too, plus the hPhoto collection, going back to 2002...    (RSS Feed)

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