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"Old Power Station" by Jonn Leffmann
"Old Power Station" by Jonn Leffmann
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Monday, October 31, 2005
Today's Pick 
"What would happen if the remote speech made possible by a cellphone were connected to public space?" If you see a guy on the street pulling what appears to be a yellow trailer on a bicycle, it just may be Daniel and his fibreglass sculpture. It's actually a bit more than a sculpture – it's a computer-connected broadcasting system that can be heard as far as 150 feet away, giving people one free minute to anonymously speak publically via their cellphones – a tool to "investigate how public discourse has been changed by technology" and which facilitates free speech – and a work of art which turns "passive viewers into active participants." The archive of speeches is most interesting (and amusing in spots).  [mobile art and locative media]   (RSS Feed)

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