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"stopnothing" by Gericht
"stopnothing" by Gericht
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Saturday, December 31, 2005
Today's Pick 
"Primary reason for the making of this site was a desire for a meaningful web presence." I've encountered Mike's web articles several times recently, linked from sites I follow regularly. He provides an assortment of development-related tutorials "missing or inadequately covered elsewhere." Topics include XHTML and CSS and Javascript and the site's a fine example of super clean design and functionality in may opinion – "passed validation" is no surprise. His interest in web development in just part of the equation. "Photography trains a keen eye that listens to the environment and recognizes the elegance in the surroundings." I love his photos! In the albums, check out Color & Light before enjoying collections of shots from 5 different countries. And if taking in music at clubs is your thing, Mike's in New York and carries his camera with him when he goes out (yummy). Speaking of clubbing, I'm tickled Mike announced his newest project (pretty cool in itself) 'cause it prompted me to further explore projecttree – and here we are...;~))   (RSS Feed)

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