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"peeling" by Cat Burton-Cartledge
"peeling" by Cat Burton-Cartledge
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Today's Pick 
"You simply won't find a more natural and more magical way to take photographs." David's enthusiasm about pinhole cameras certainly shines through – he's been interested in them since his youth. "The creative freedom, experimental nature and atmosphere of photographs taken using the pinhole camera soon captivated me to such an extent that today I take photographs almost exclusively using this technique and I ended up selling my SLR camera." In addition to a wealth of information about the cameras and a gallery, David also provides a downloadable Windows program to help other enthusiasts calculate optimal pinhole diameter, focal length, and exposure times. Add a great related links page and you've got a site that's "definitely worth a visit."  [unalog]   (RSS Feed

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