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"Salvage yard metal" by Joe Lencioni
"Salvage yard metal" by Joe Lencioni
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Monday, October 30, 2006
Today's Pick 
Nick calls it a "rubbish dump of a site." It's not – in fact, it rather well-designed in my opinion. The young designer questions what teen professionals should be after. "A more professional and quite frankly more boring life, or a less-professional life were money, design and professionalism comes second and they enjoy their lives while still young." And though you won't find many sites listed here with "hire me" pages, I like what Nick says about his own. "Everything below is not like a normal designers ‘hire me’ page, no, everything is more truthful..." So, here's to young designers with a healthy attitude about professionalism and tasty eyecandy to boot...;~)) 

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