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"Almost like Picasso" by Jonn Leffmann
"Almost like Picasso" by Jonn Leffmann
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Some sites may contain strong language and/or mature content. Parental discretion encouraged.
  • 6/25/02 
    the personal website of Milo Vermeulen
  • eyewideshut 6/23/02 
    visual archives of German designer/photographer Markus Schaefer (Flash)
  • play / create 6/20/02 
    a collection of Shockwave interactive art
  • Private and Public 6/18/02 
    Portraits of pedestrians at Marble Arch, London (Flash)
  • For The Masses 6/16/02 
    design to survive - promoting the finest in New Zealand online culture to a global audience
  • Virtual Plastic 6/11/02 for Windows. Collected tweaks and links to change the look.
  • nyc bloggers 6/10/02 
    there are a million blogs in the city; here's where to find them
  • Fubbs 6/8/02 
    the world of Fubbs (Flash)
  • sadee 6/7/02 
    independent projects - design and process (Flash)
  • massless 5/28/02 
    the faster I go the lighter I get
  • Pixelbreaker 5/24/02 
    Flash experiments plus screen savers and walls
  • saltfreak 5/18/02 
    a seasonal exhibition of personal photographic work (Flash)
  • Kanibal 5/17/02 
    I must change to stay the same
  • artetic 5/16/02 
    multimedia design, including painting, illustration, webdesign and digital art (Flash)
  • Sentient O.S. 5/13/02 
    Do you think your world can be better? (Flash)
  • FAZED 5/11/02 
    a community of humor - pictures, video and sounds (mature content)
  • iotic experiments 5/7/02 
    experiments in html, shockwave, and sound
  • 5/6/02 
    dreaming up new ways to interact with data
  • Ghost City 5/5/02 
    an interactive urban environment designed by jody zellen
  • Drunk Men Work Here 5/4/02 
    fresh zero-content for compulsive clickers
  • 4/28/02 
    selected projects of photographer Burkhard Walther
  • 4/27/02 
    experiments in, and explorations of the web, using Java, JavaScript, DHTML, PHP and other languages
  • The Spamradio Project 4/26/02 
    serving up delicious helpings of spam each hour of every day to all who are hungry
  • 4/18/02 
    a photographer's showcase (mature content) (Flash)
  • Typofabrik 4/15/02 
    high-quality Lomography Images, a lot of experimental Stuff and Sounds
  • The Blue Sea And Sails 4/13/02 
    an ongoing photographic project (Flash)
  • futabita 4/11/02 
    static and motion visuals (Flash)
  • 4/8/02 
    Write.  Not because your therapist says you have to, not because some teacher told you to, years ago -- no, instead, write because the words won't let you go if you don't.
  • 3/30/02 
    collection of poetry by Aaron Belz
  • 3/29/02 
    publishing creations from you and others - animation, photography and design
  • Flying Puppet 3/25/02 
    interactive and poetic net art (Flash/Shockwave)
  • Artkrush 3/19/02 
    a website about art™ – interviews, reviews, features and daily art news plus other art-related information
  • where were you 3/13/02 
    site exists to gather the thoughts and emotions of everyday people to the events on and after September 11, 2001
  • TWOFIFTY 3/11/02 
    A digital art gallery exhibiting the works of various artists. The simple but original idea is to have all artwork exactly 250 by 250 pixels in dimensions. It's interesting to see what imagination and creativity can accomplish in such a small, digital canvas...
  • 3/9/02 
    We'd like to offer our vision of what should be the web – photos, sounds and grafix – zone-art is simple and ought to be so....
  • Chilling Effects Clearinghouse 3/8/02 
    Do you know your online rights? Use the information on these pages to begin evaluating legal threats to your Internet activity or to learn whether someone else may be infringing your rights...
  • Streetmattress 3/4/02 
    a web based outlet for urban art hunters
  • Design(Radar 2/25/02 
    Italian e-zine features web art and design links, news, site reviews, and articles
  • Locus Novus 2/23/02 
    a venue for collaborative works by contemporary short fiction writers, graphic designers and visual artists (Flash)
  • Markus Daum Gallery 2/15/02 
    original, colorful artworks make tasty email postcards...
  • tiger 2/14/02 
    online visual magazine since December, 2000 (Flash) (mature content)
  • kilfish 2/8/02 
    pictures, flash movies and splash pages in dark (Flash)
  • the xanthic eye 2/7/02 
    online gallery containing free wallpapers, icons, skins, and paint shop pro and photoshop tutorials
  • 1/19/02 
    a boy and his stuff
  • urban delicious 1/18/02 
    special people are in love with you
  • drifter tv 1/14/02 
    animated features (Flash)
  • 1/13/02 
    the anteroom of the most beautiful 404 sites of the internet

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